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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Slipcovers

Should I Slipcover In The First Place?

That's a good question, the answer is…it depends. You can always go out and totally replace that old piece of furniture for $1,000 or more, and sometimes that's an intelligent choice when the structure is starting to break down. However, after you get your new couch, it still may not perfectly match your décor and you may have to slipcover anyway.

You could also go the mail-order route for a slipcover. You can choose your color and fabric to match your room. The downside here is that they're mass produced and the size tolerance can't be close, so unfortunately your slipcover will "hang off your chair" like a baggy suit.

Jayne offers the totally custom option so that your new slipcover will not only ideally match your décor, but it can either be made to "fit like a glove", or have that looser "shabby chic" look (your choice).

In either case, it will look like a brand new piece of furniture that absolutely belongs in that room without breaking the bank.

Do You Do Upholstery?

No, Jayne does not do upholstery. That is a different skill set and is a better choice when the underlying structure of the chair needs work.

What Will My Custom Slipcover Cost?

Jayne prices her work competitively and provides a firm quote for your approval before the work is started. But, for a ballpark, a two-cushion loveseat slipcover, with cording and skirt, runs in the area of $400.

The very word "custom" means tailored to your exact needs. So, the actual price depends on a number of factors. One variable will be the cost of the fabric itself. Jayne works only with with customer supplied fabric. You may select the fabric entirely on your own, or she can shop with you for a fee.

Each slipcover is a one-of-a-kind, designer piece, so there is no standard pricing. Custom touches such as cording, skirts and kickpleats will also affect the final investment.

What are the Fabric Choices That Will Affect Cost?

Please note that a large factor in increased labor is working with patterns such as stripes, plaids, etc. That's because, for aesthetic reasons, the pattern has to be consistent with disjointed parts like the seat cushions.

Also, heavy fabrics such as upholstery fabric and outdoor Sunbrella fabric, are difficult to get through a sewing machine and consequently takes more labor to work with. If you still want to use these thicker fabrics, please call and Jayne can let you know if it will be more expensive.

Where Can I Get My Fabric?

There are a number of fabric stores in Connecticut and particularly Warwick, Rhode Island. There are both high end stores and bargain stores with fantastic remnants. Contact Jayne by phone and she can steer you towards an appropriate one near you.

How Will I Know How Much Fabric To Buy?

Fabric stores have formulas for calculating how much you'll need based on the dimensions of your furniture. Our best advice is to add a "safety margin" of at least 20%. It is a lot easier to make some side pillows with extra fabric than to try to get additional matching fabric if there is not enough - it may not be available anymore.

I'm worried that I'll buy the wrong fabric, what can I do?

When customers are this concerned, we generally advise them to only purchase one yard of the fabric they think will work. Take it home, place it on the chair or couch in question, and observe it for a week in different lighting situation. If it passes, you'll feel confident in buying that fabric, if it fails, you've only invested in one yard.

Fabric Shopping with Jayne

Jayne has recently added a new affordable service to help you to make intelligent choices with your fabric procurement. After a brief phone discussion and some homework done by you, Jayne will rendezvous with you at an agreed upon fabric store. She will give guidance to help you make the right choices for your lovely home.

In some cases, if you buy right there on the spot, she can take the fabric back to her studio to start your job.

Where Do You Perform Your Work

Typically for the smaller items like wing back chairs, you'll drop it off at my studio which is in my 300-year-old colonial home in Mystic, Connecticut. For a larger items like couches, she will have to go to where it is. Components like cushions and pillows can be done back at her studio.

Do You Charge for Consultations at Client Homes?

Yes. there is a consultation fee of $50.00 for consultations within ten miles of Mystic, slightly higher as the distance increases. There is no fee for clients who bring their furniture to the studio.

For an idea of what Jayne delivers when she does home consultation, visit the interior decorating page.

How Soon Can I Have my Item Slipcovered?

Jayne works on a "first come, first served" basis and she give a completion date at the time of the order. Most chairs take only a week. Our experience is that it takes longer for clients to purchase their fabric than it does to make the slipcover.

To hold a particular date for her to sew (instead of just dropping it off) will require a 50% advanced deposit.

Express service may be available for those with important pending events, such as weddings, for a slight additional fee.

How do I get started?

Get in your car, today, and go fabric shopping. With diligence, you'll find something you absolutely love. If not in store A, then in store B. As soon as you have your fabric, give Jayne a call to make an appointment to drop off your chair(s) and fabric. She'll turn it around in 1 - 2 weeks and you can soon be enjoying your new room.

Call: (860) 536-2037
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